A-Digging We Will Go

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Westhampton Beach Middle School students spent a week digging for dinosaur bones as part of the school’s PALEOS program, led by teacher Rob Coleman. It was the third annual trip to private and federal lands within the Lance Creek Formation of northeastern Wyoming for this educational program. 

As part of the adventure, held June 30 through July 7, 11 students, with the assistance of researchers, learned how to collect and transport fossils from the field, prospect and find fossil remains, assemble skeletal remains, clean and repair fossils in the lab, and store and catalog fossils in museum storage areas. 

“The PALEOS student researchers had a phenomenal field experience this year,” said Coleman. “They have been ‘touched by the Badlands,’ truly appreciating the beauty and magnanimity of America’s West.”

Builders Club donates to Southampton Animal Shelter

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Concluding a community service project, the Westhampton Beach Middle School Builders Club donated $620 to the Southampton Animal Shelter on May 30. The students raised the money during the school year through a variety of holiday fundraisers, which included selling Halloween stickers and Valentine’s Day lollipops and hosting an Easter egg hunt. Along with the monetary donation, the students made toys for the shelter’s animals using old T-shirts. Pictured, from left, are club members Kate Pomroy, Reed Terry, Richard Ramirez, Jayson Kampfer, Danyil Mihal, Cole Dawson, Aiden Goleski-Crehan and Nathan O'Hara with Jennifer Wojtas of the Southampton Animal Shelter. 

Civil War Lesson Stretches Across the Sound

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Students in Josh Tuttle’s class at Westhampton Beach Middle School have embarked on a collaborative learning project with middle schoolers in Wooster, Connecticut, as part of a study on the Civil War. 

With the aid of Google Hangouts and Docs, Tuttle’s students are working alongside their Connecticut counterparts to research and prepare projects on the main battles and political causes of the Civil War, as well as its chief figures and key writings. The students will present their research via Skype in June.

The lesson has not only allowed the students to delve more deeply into their Civil War studies, Tuttle noted, but is also providing them with an opportunity to practice communicating remotely. 

“More and more companies are offering opportunities for employees to work remotely, and colleges offer online classes where students work together online,” he pointed out. 

Blackout Poetry Winners

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In celebration of National Poetry Month, Westhampton Beach Middle School students participated in a blackout poetry contest, spearheaded by librarian Yvonne Perez. For the contest, students created poems by circling specific words, and redacting others, from pages taken out of torn or damaged library books. The district congratulates the winners Lauren Nathan, first place for Best Overall Poem; Mia Valenzuela, second place for Best Overall Poem; Hollie McAllister, first place for Best Artistic Poem; and Brooke Donahue, second place for Best Artistic Poem.

Skype call with Jane Goodall

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Westhampton Beach Middle School students met primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall over a Skype call on April 11. They learned about Goodall’s love of animals, how she became interested in studying chimpanzees, her foundation, Roots & Shoots, and how every person can play a role in preserving the planet. At the end of the call, the students were excited to take a photo with her.