Blackout Poetry Winners

Blackout Poetry Winners photo
In celebration of National Poetry Month, Westhampton Beach Middle School students participated in a blackout poetry contest, spearheaded by librarian Yvonne Perez. For the contest, students created poems by circling specific words, and redacting others, from pages taken out of torn or damaged library books. The district congratulates the winners Lauren Nathan, first place for Best Overall Poem; Mia Valenzuela, second place for Best Overall Poem; Hollie McAllister, first place for Best Artistic Poem; and Brooke Donahue, second place for Best Artistic Poem.

Skype call with Jane Goodall

Skype call with Jane Goodall photo
Westhampton Beach Middle School students met primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall over a Skype call on April 11. They learned about Goodall’s love of animals, how she became interested in studying chimpanzees, her foundation, Roots & Shoots, and how every person can play a role in preserving the planet. At the end of the call, the students were excited to take a photo with her.

Students Design Imperial Eggs

Students Design Imperial Eggs photo

As part of a study of sculpture, seventh graders at Westhampton Beach Middle School recently created original clay Imperial eggs.

The students in Erin Jacob’s art class studied the historical beginnings of Faberge’s famous Imperial eggs and were then tasked with designing and constructing their own Imperial eggs that incorporated a theme, a stand and an element of surprise. The students were very creative with their designs: One created an egg that revealed hidden gems inside, another made a bee egg that holds a gold honeypot, and another fabricated an egg emerging as a flower with a delicate butterfly about to land on its petals. 

“The project provided a great opportunity for students to create and problem-solve in 3D,” said Jacob. “It also allowed me to tie culture and history into the unit to strengthen their connection to the world around them.”