Counseling Center

Duties of a School Counselor

In elementary schools, school counselors...

try to anticipate problems that may occur in students lives.
work with the students in the gifted learning program.
work with students with learning disabilities who have special needs.
can work with a team that may include the school principal, a psychologist, an evaluator, a social worker, special-education teachers, and parents.

In middle schools, school counselors...

work with other school professionals to help identify the developmental and learning needs of students.
work with students on how they view themselves.
work with students on how they perform in school.

At the high school level, school counselors...

provide educational and career guidance while they also focus on the personal development of the students.
help students choose school courses and activities that relate to their interests which will prepare them for life after high school.
show students how to apply for college or for job-training programs.
work in drug and alcohol abuse programs as well as in the programs for high school dropouts or teenage parents.