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All college applications that are due on or before January 1st should be turned into the Guidance Office no later than December 9th. Email the completed form to: “” OR turn it in at the Guidance Office.

Seniors - Transcript Request Form (previously the purple sheet)

First Quarter Grades Request FormThis form should be returned directly to the Guidance Office or Emailed to by the second week in November.

Mid Year Grades Request Form - This form should be returned directly to the Guidance Office or Emailed to by January 27, 2023

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Education is one of the greatest investments a community makes in the life of a child. The WHB College and Career Center takes great pride in playing a supportive role in empowering young people to build a healthy and rewarding life. Our goal is to partner with students and parents in order to discover the best opportunities for each individual. As students embark on the next phase of life, we strive to provide students with a range of options in order to find that ‘right fit’ and we endeavor to facilitate the opening of those doors.

Within this section of the website, you will find information and resources on summer opportunities, the college process, employment search engines, and the armed forces.  You will also find links to the high school course catalog, and graduation requirements (found within the course catalog).

High School College and Career Center: (631) 288-3800 ext. 771.
Middle School Counseling Center: (631) 288-3800 ext. 320