Pupil Personnel Services

The Westhampton Beach School District is committed to the development and implementation of a free appropriate education in the least restrictive environment for students with disabilities.

All students with disabilities who reside in the District are provided with an appropriate individual educational program (IEP) that meets the student's unique educational needs as determined and recommended by the Committee on Special Education (CSE) or the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) and arranged for by the Board of Education.  In developing the IEP and determining appropriate recommendations, the committee will consider the student's present levels of performance, strengths, and needs in academic achievement, social development, physical development, and management needs.  A continuum of services is available for students with disabilities beginning at the age of three and up to the student's twenty-second birthday or until a high school diploma has been achieved by the student.

If you have concerns about your child's development or suspect that your child may have a disability, contact Dr. MaryAnn Ambrosini, Director of Pupil Personnel Services, at 631-288-3800.

Westhampton Beach Post-Secondary Transition Resources

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Transition services help students with disabilities be successful in their lives after high school.  Depending on the level of need, these services can help students gain additional education and skills for the job market, find and be trained for employment as well as find community activities that they can become involved in after high school.  Transition services can also help families utilize government funds and programs that can provide supports and services after high school.


ACCES-VR assists individuals with disabilities to achieve and maintain employment and to support independent living through training, education, rehabilitation, and career development.