East Moriches Elementary


Please Note: Use your personal email account and not your WHB school email to send scholarship applications.  


Charles P. Tufano College Scholarship: $1000 to a graduating senior who is a current resident of East Moriches and has attended the East Moriches School for at least two years, has been accepted to a recognized institution of higher learning, and must have a cumulative average of 85% or better, and must be pursuing the profession of teaching. Application

East Moriches PTO Humanitarian Award: $150 given to a graduating senior who resides in East Moriches. The recipient of the East Moriches PTO Humanitarian Award should be given to the student who best exemplifies the following character traits: Trustworthiness: Is a person of their word; Respect: Is considerate for others and tolerant of differences; Responsibility: Is accountable for their actions; Fairness: Treats others equally and impartially; Caring: Is kind and generous with their words and actions and is considerate of others; Citizenship: Does their share to make their school and community a better place. WHBHS common scholarship application.


Live Like Lisa Ringhoff Scholarship: $1,000 awarded to a graduating senior. Furthering your education is not required to be eligible. Applicants must have graduated from EMO elementary school. The applicant is required to write a short essay describing an obstacle he/she has faced and overcome in his/her life. Application

Mary Colasanto Scholarship: $1,000 awarded to an applicant who resides in East Moriches. Applicants must be accepted at a recognized institution of higher education. Applicants must have attended East Moriches School for at least 1 year and participated in at least one musical performing group while attending the school. Applicants must be a member of a musical performing group during their High School years. Applicants must have participated in an extra-curricular activity outside the school day. Applicants should also include if they participated in NYSSMA, SCMEA, HMEA or any other musical activity on their application. Application